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Engaged in a sustainable development and tourism process, we strive to limit our ecological footprint, while ensuring maximum comfort and a pleasant stay. By staying with us, you make both choices of pleasure and that of the eco commitment.
Thus in our daily actions (purchasing, functioning...), we assess the impact on the 3 pillars of sustainable development (environment, economy, social).

Some examples:
In Environmental matters
- Choice of a renewable electricity supplier- Enercoop - www.enercoop.fr .
- No air conditioning (large consumer of electricity producer of heat and noise).
- Centralized management of electric heating.
- LED or low consumption bulbs on all luminaires, presence detectors or timers in the hallways.
- Water consumption reduction by installing waterflow limiters and double flow flushing for the toilets.
- Limiting waste production by removing individual packed portions as much as possible.
- Systematic sorting of all waste.
- Bed linen 100% Linen (Flax produced in France, does not require artificial irrigation, nor phytosanitary products, and fits in the rotational crop system). Also, Linen has the advantage of being warm in winter and cool in summer.
- Eco-labelled detergents.
Economic and social
- We mostly buy in short circuit (direct producer or cooperative of producers).
- We choose Fair Trade products for the distant Productions (coffee).
- We give preference to Made in France products
- We exclude products containing high-impact, environmental and social-negative ingredients (Palm Oil or citrus juice for example).
- We work with the laundry of an ESAT (establishment and service of work assistance) located 5km from the hotel and which employs workers with disabilities.

This commitment allowed us to obtain the brand Hôtels au Naturel (Read MORE HERE).