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To confirm your booking, a credit card number with its expiry date is required on which we can charge as a deposit:
- one night of the price of the room if the booking is for 1 to 3 nights,
- two nights of the price of the room if the booking is for 4 to 6 nights,
- three nights of the price of the room if the booking is for more than 6 nights.


Cancellation more than 10 days before the planned arrival date: No charge.

Cancellation within 10 days of the planned arrival date or no show the day of the arrival: we will keep the deposit already charged upon reservation (or we will charge the deposit).
No show on the planned date of arrival will lead to automatic cancellation of the rest of the stay.


Any interruption announced less than 48 hours prior to the new departure date will be charged within the limit of 3 night’s maximum for compensation.


Rooms are available from 17th pm to 20. Please inform us in case of arrival outside of these hours.


We would be grateful if you could vacate your room before 11 AM. Any room not vacated after this time will be charged.
All drinks (mini bar, etc…) which have not been settled on check out, will be debited on the credit card which has been given as a guarantee.
Request for a Consumer Ombdusman

French regulation, Article L.612-1 of the French Consumer Act recognizes the right for any client to complain to the ombdusman if they encounter problems with the hotel. In that case, for any mediation request, please click on the following link : www.mediationconso-ame.com;
- or by mail: l’AME CONSO, 11 Place Dauphine – 75001 PARIS.